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Are you looking for a visual way to market your business? Check out these five reasons why you should use Pinterest!

5 Reasons You Should Use Pinterest in Your Marketing

Marketing Tools

I’m guessing that when you first started your photography business, the two main things you did were to start a Facebook page and open an Instagram account. Am I right? After a few weeks, you likely realized there is more to marketing your business than just spending time on these platforms. Marketing your business is […]

Marketing Tools for Photographers


I see you. You’re a Virtual Assistant who is working with clients but you’re wondering why your client is changing things you’ve already done. Maybe you’re wondering why you’ve lost a few clients lately. Or maybe you’re wondering why word of mouth across your circles isn’t turning into new client opportunities. You’re working it… but […]

Why It’s Important To Ask Your Clients For Feedback

Business, Personal

There is a joke amongst my friends that I get distracted easily. You will often hear one of my friends yell “SQUIRREL!” when I am talking as a friendly reminder that I am at it again… I’m getting distracted. Since starting WellCurated, I have become distracted many times even forgetting my ‘why’ and chasing something […]

Dealing With Distractions


Out of all the ways to market your company, building an email list will be the most important one. People often forget about the power of the mailing list. You start a business and the first thing that is often done is snagging your profile name on Instagram and the effort is put into growing […]

The 1 Thing I Tell Every Client To Do


  When it comes to Hashtags, there’s a lot of random information out there that can cause us to wonder if using hashtags is even worth it. From hashtags being shadow banned to hearing that you should avoid popular hashtags and only use super niche ones, the idea of hashtags can make you think that […]

What’s The Deal With Hashtags?


Do you ever come across those flawless Instagram feeds that seem to always be posting new and exciting content that fits their brand, looks amazing, is authentic while still being a little bit polished and seems to always be consistent? When you come across a feed like that, you can believe nothing is left to […]

What Should I Post On Instagram?

5 Tips To Make Your Instagram Grid Look Cohesive

We recently asked you an important question– what do you most want to know about Instagram? This question was met with all sorts of responses from how to grow your following (spoiler alert, we shared our big secret with you. Find out here) to when the best times are to post (we answered that one, […]

5 Tips To Make Your Instagram Grid Look Cohesive

How to find the best time to post on Instagram
Business, Marketing

The seemingly never-ending saga to figure out Instagram continues with the classic question, ‘when is the best time to post on Instagram?’ Some people think that since Instagram is no longer chronological, posting at certain times doesn’t even matter anymore because Instagram will just pick and choose what is seen anyways. While there is some […]

How to find the best time to post on Instagram

How We Use Instagram Highlight Icons, Instagram Highlight Covers
Business, Marketing

I remember clearly the day Instagram stories arrived at the top of our feeds when we opened the Instagram app. Celebrities and influencers alike took to their stories immediately wondering if Instagram was starting to use stories as a way to compete with Snapchat… the app filled with fun filters, a 24-hour life, and a […]

How We Use Instagram Highlight Icons

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