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There is a joke amongst my friends that I get distracted easily. You will often hear one of my friends yell “SQUIRREL!” when I am talking as a friendly reminder that I am at it again… I’m getting distracted. Since starting WellCurated, I have become distracted many times even forgetting my ‘why’ and chasing something […]

Dealing With Distractions

essential oil blends for your workday

An essential oil diffuser is basically an office necessity these days. Ask any DIY’er, individual embarking on a more natural living path or…well… just about anyone else you know, and they can probably tell you how much they love essential oil blends for their kids, to help them sleep or just to have around at […]

5 Essential Oil Blends For Your Workday

Summer Must-Haves by Well Curated

Summer is right around the corner and the WC team is pretty excited about it! Ashley loves spending time outside on her back porch or at the lake back home in Nester Falls, Noella loves going camping and gardening, Kyla enjoys playing sports outside and Aelea enjoys going for walks for vegan ice cream and […]

Summer Must-Haves


I truly love working from home and can’t image going back to an office setting. Working from home has its challenges, but I’m sharing some of the things that I do to ensure my success in completing the hours I need to put in so I can get all those tasks done! Tip 1. Set […]

How To Set ‘Work Hours’ When Working From Home


Life can be overwhelming. In a world where we are slowly beginning to see the shift towards a more mindful, self-care focused world, we are realizing that ‘busy’ is not a badge of honour and #hustle is better left in the 1970’s disco clubs than our home-office.   Stress does sneak up on us. No […]

5 quick self-care tips for when you feel stressed out


If you’re running your own business, or working for a small company, you know what it’s like to have SO much to do, and SO little time to do it all. Tasks keep piling, and you keep grinding away, and sometimes nothing on your original to do list gets done. And sometimes, in the middle […]

10 Secrets to Stress Free Work Week

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Each day is the same. Wake up, work, hang with your family, do a fun activity or embark on your responsibilities as an adult, go to bed, then do it all again. With limited hours in a day, and a seemingly neverending list of tasks to accomplish, knowing HOW to have a productive day is […]

3 Things To Do In The Morning To Have A Productive Day

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