It's time to think about the future and where you want your company to go.

Hey, I'm the person you wish you had in your corner!  

My guess is that you landed on this page because you are drowning ( or you're just snooping- either way, welcome here). You're likely a photographer or a creative drowning in sessions, editing, emails, and everything that keeps the money coming in. But you're tired of the grind. You know that there are things that you should be doing within your company to help you scale it... something like having a solid marketing plan, starting that email list, writing valuable blog posts, or creating systems you know will help you. Or you are ready to pivot and want to focus on education, like creating courses, planning events or workshops, or starting that template shop you have dreamed of. 

Well, Hi friend, my name is Noella, and I do all those things for exhausted gals just like YOU! 

Right now fear is your archenemy and time (the lack of!) is taunting you.

For heart-led humans wanting more freedom to thrive

not knowing the steps you need to take to reach your goals

posting randomly hoping something works rather than creating an actual strategy

over working yourself and trying to do it all.

feeling like you're constantly trading time for money

feel stuck in your career

It's time to say goodbye to...

Me! Your business co-pilot guiding you to a place where creativity reigns & freedom is the goal. 

I've got the magic your biz has been begging for – fairy wings included.

Daily communication, literally your business side kick. 

Quarterly marketing plan PUT INTO PLACE! I will take care of it all

Web updates, sales page design, graphic design and more! 

You don't just want someone telling you what to do, you want someone to walk alongside you in the thick of your business. 

As an Online Business Manager, I will determine both your short term and long term goals and not only will I create plan to put those goals into action. I will walk along side you and help you to reach them! Big or small, achiving big dreams is easier when you have a shoulder to lean on and the knowledge to get you there. 
From creating freebies, sales pages, funnels, social media posts, course development, workshop planning, retreat organizing- whatever it is that you need, I can make the magic happen! 

The service that I am known for! The business partner you always dreamed of without having to give half of your moolah away!

Online Business Management

adventure ONE

what I am known for! 

let's build your email list! freebies, funnels & welcome sequences

How would this sound?

imagine having blogging off your plate.. educational and evergreen! 



just a few of the things I can take off your plate

an SEO plan to ensure longevity in your business


Pinterest management that will drive authentic traffic to your site


having someone that cares about growing your brand like it's their own


let's talk about scaling your business...

here is where the magic happens...  this my friend is where I take your business and help you scale it. My secret sauce comes from creating the strategy that will help you launch passive income sources. Whether your dream is to open a digital product shop, a membership or an online course. I can map out the plan, implement and walk along side as you take your business to the next level. 

Join me on an adventure.
Prices start at $1750 CAD

14 Coaching calls over 6 months. We meet twice a month with extra calls during your first and last month. 

Exercises and worksheets designed specifically to help you overcome your roadblocks.  Oh, a full business plan is included too! 

Homework, accountability and support when you need it via Slack.

All coaching clients get full access to my course suit (valued at over $1200)

Say sayonara to stagnant business cause our adventure to Neverland includes:

I have coached dozens of photographers to the next level of their business. Here is the thing, the next level looks different for every entrepreneur ( side note: this is why you need to stop comparing your success to others). Let's have a conversation and go over both your short term immediate goals and those big long term goals and together we will create a plan to help you reach them both!  Whether you want to launch your business, grow your business or scale it, let's create a strategy to get you there! 

Bi-Weekly coaching calls where I help you navigate business and struggles. As a fellow creative, I'll be the BFF you need!

Do you feel lost? Maybe you feel stagnant in your business? 

1:1 Mentorship

adventure TWO
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I take a very limited amount of clients on at a time, this ensures that I can give each and every client the attention that they need and totally deserve. Book a virtual date with me and let's get to know each other and see if our visions align. 

Let's Get to Know Each Other Better

is that a yes?