Entrepreneur life is only about freedom when you can reap the benefits of your hard work with those you care most about. I can help provide you, the photographer, with clarity on your goals and the avenues to help you get there. I work one on one with photographers who are ready to pivot from shooting full time to diving into the world of education.  I  will empower you to harness your personal superpowers so you can live a life of strategy, harmony, and community.

Hi, I'm Noella – a Canadian prairie girl with a big heart

A chicken mama, knee deep in garden soil, often found baking something kinda girl that believes in harmony, freedom and time to enjoy the simple things in life. 

Oh, and I'm obsessed with helping you feel free in your business so you have time for your passions too! 

My Mission & Vision

I'm here to guide you to a place in business where  fears are conquered and creativity reigns. 

At the very core of my business is a desire to help freedom seekers launch, grow and scale the education business of their dreams.

Driven by years of experience as a photographer, my mission has become to help photographers step away from shooting full time and instead to create an education career that they love. 

I live by the quote "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".

The more I can help you create educational platforms, the more of your community you help to grow. It truly is win win where everyone is on the top! 

Road Tripping — I unapologetly drive a mini van and it has taken us all accross North America! 

my happy place!

The Beach! It's my zone of serenity where all of my best ideas happen.

My homestead is my happy place. I'm what you call a "crazy chicken lady".  We have a few acres and my free time is spent in my garden or chilling with the animals. 

I know I know... but I am obsessed with cheesy holiday Hallmark movies!

My sweet tooth is out of control! I LOVE candy all day every day! 

my guilty pleasure

The reason I left the corporate world and never looked back. Grateful every day for my children and the lessons that I have learned from them. 

jamie Findlay, Evolve Workshops

She has a way of seeing through the BS that we tend to spend our time and energy on and helps in creating business structure and in order in a way that moves the needle into positivity, growth and profit. Her experience and knowledge within the photography industry, is extremely valuable.

Not only is Noella one of my most favourite humans on the entire planet,  she is also one of the smartest and most organized humans on the planet.

Twyla Jones, Emotional Storytelling

We work as a team now, all with the same goal in mind.
It’s incredible to work with someone cheering you on and working hard to see you succeed. I know that Noella cares for my business like it is her own and that makes all the difference,”

"I’m so happy I found Noella when I did. We’ve been able to work together so closely that they can anticipate my needs and more often than not they are telling ME what to do to make my business more successful.

Jasmine Jade, Embrace Presets

Marketing was just another thing I had my to-do list that I would skip over, even though I know it’s important. Noella doesn’t just put out content, they care about your business enough to really think about your needs and what you want to get out of our time together. She make sure everything is taken care of and they are organized to get things done.”

“I’m so glad I found Noella. It was the best business decision I’ve ever made.

kind words